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Become a consultant of tomorrow: develop your personal and commercial competencies to complement your technical expertise.

PS Professional is the world’s only dedicated certification scheme designed to develop and recognise your technical, commercial and personal strengths.

It takes more than technical skills alone to distinguish stand out in today’s professional services world. Modules of the PS Professional certification scheme, developed by experienced Professional Services practitioners and monitored by an independent board, will help to unlock your potential and help you rise above the crowd.

Whilst recognizing existing technical certifications, PS Professional aims to shape the consultant of tomorrow, expanding upon their technical expertise to offer greater commercial insight and personal effectiveness through a practical and respected training and certification programme.

The certification scheme includes five distinct modules based upon the core characteristics that make up a high-performing Professional Services Professional:-

Training and certification offer the opportunity to gain immediately useable skills and competences to help you become a more rounded professional, helping you to improve results and client satisfaction.

Additional information is available via the official PS Professional website.

The PS Professional Turbo: this free assessment provides an impartial evaluation of your skills to help plan your professional development. Click here to start your free assessment

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  • Gain and develop immediately useable skills and competences
  • Complement existing technical skills with broader personal and commercial
  • Demonstrate progression and career development
  • Contribute beyond technical circle of influence
  • Improve productivity and personal effectiveness
  • Become more customer-focused and build stronger relationships
  • Be more commercially-savvy for more effective and profitable outcomes
  • Gain a broader understanding of the business environment
  • Demonstrate your ‘all-round’ professional capability
  • Independent recognition of your personal and commercial skills
  • Deliver more value for both clients and employers
  • Become a more rounded professional and stand out from the crowd
  • Become a consultant of tomorrow!