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Planning Change in 60 Minutes

Date: 28 Oct 2014

Webinar: Planning Change in 60 Minutes

Topic: Change Management

Presenter: Melanie Franklin, AgileChangeManagement Ltd

Language: English

Duration: 57 mins


Managing change is the new norm. Alongside our day jobs, we are expected to identify, plan and implement improvements to our ‘business as usual’ environment. Often, this transformational work is squeezed into whatever time we have between meetings and sorting out problems.

In this webinar Melanie demonstrates how the Change Management Practitioner course enables you to plan effective change in 60 minutes. Melanie takes listeners through 4 steps that create a high-level plan and identify your immediate next activities.

The sources for the answers are drawn from the theories and models of change that form the APMG Change Management qualifications, and Melanie shows how this knowledge helps to rapidly decide what your priorities are and how to address them.

No prior knowledge of managing change is needed for this webinar, so spend 45-60 minutes increasing your change management skills from (almost) zero to hero!

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