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ASL® BiSL® Foundation forms Coalition for Information Management

The Netherlands, 18 September 2012

The not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation is forming an Information Management* (IM) Coalition to help put IM on the IT Service Management landscape. The first organizations to join the coalition are itSMF USA, APMG-International, Capgemini Academy, Quint Wellington Redwood, Van Haren Publishing and GamingWorks.

The IM Coalition’s members are concerned that organizations are not getting value out of the information they hold, despite implementing best practice methodologies and tools. The Coalition will promote and support organizations so they can manage information as a strategic asset.

Mark Smalley, ‘IT Paradigmologist’, the ASL BiSL Foundation, believes IM is the weakest link in the IT value chain:  “Only when the business equips itself to deal with IT and IT leaves its ivory tower and truly engages with the business, will they - together - make significant progress. Information management is the key that unlocks the value of IT,” he says.

In order to manage information effectively, roles and responsibilities in the business have to be defined, processes at operational, management and strategic levels have to be implemented and a trustworthy relationship between business and IT has to be developed.

The Business Information Service Library, BiSL®, is a framework that helps focus on and address Information Management capabilities. The IM Coalition wants to help organizations to adopt and apply the BiSL framework in an effective way.  They will do this by sharing best practices in deploying BiSL, organizing events and hosting simulation workshops to enable people to see, feel and experience these issues and discover how BiSL can be used to help solve these issues and align business and IT.

The coalition will also publish case studies showing why, how to and what the benefits were - again giving practical advice. Critical Success Factors and Critical Fail Factors from the case studies and road shows will be captured and shared through articles, blogs, whitepapers and best practices.

The Coalition is now inviting new members to join. Please contact Lucille van der Hagen, see contact information below.


*Information management is comprehensively defined by the Queensland Government as "the means by which an organization efficiently plans, collects, organizes, uses, controls, disseminates and disposes of its information, and through which it ensures that the value of that information is identified and exploited to the fullest extent".

About the ASL BiSL Foundation

The ASL BiSL Foundation was founded in 2002 and is the owner of ASL® and BiSL®.  The ASL BiSL Foundation is also a meeting place for professionals with a common interest in application management and business information management. The Foundation encourages the improvement of working methods and the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices in these domains of IT management.

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