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Focus on Demand: Successful Transformation means getting value from IT

23rd November 2012, Utrecht, The Netherlands... The countdown to ASL BiSL Foundation’s ‘Focus on Demand’ event has begun. The event takes place in the Netherlands on 13th December 2012. It provides an opportunity for delegates to understand how to unlock the value of their IT.

Lucille van der Hagen, managing director ASL BiSL Foundation said, “Around 450 delegates attend our event because they want to understand how to professionalize the demand side of IT. They want to make sure the processes they have implemented are delivering value to their business.”

Delegates attending the event are at the forefront of understanding how IT and business inter-connect. A recent Forrester report revealed that only 15% of IT leaders said their IT strategy was aligned with the business strategy - but ASL BiSL Foundation members are acutely aware of the importance of alignment.

To help organizations better understand the demand side of IT, the ASL BiSL Foundation recently formed an Information Management Coalition, which is working to help organizations understand the creative application of IT.

“Application Management consumes 32% of IT budgets so it’s essential to have this domain under control,” Lucille says. “But complexity and communication are just two important issues where IT and the business can clash. If the business does not know what it wants or needs, IT cannot deliver the most appropriate products or services, and a cycle of misunderstanding ensues. Application and Information Management helps IT and the business work seamlessly together.”

ASL is the de facto standard in the Netherlands and is input for development of the ISO/IEC 16350 standard for application management. ASL 2 covers the operational, tactical and strategic processes for both supporting the daily use of applications and for changing the functionality.

BiSL, the Business Information Services Library, offers a process framework and best practices for IT demand and consumption. BiSL helps organizations get more value from their IT in terms of lowering costs, improving productivity, acquiring and retaining customers.

At the Focus on Demand Conference, delegates will be able to meet the leading minds in Information Management strategy and execution. For the full programme, visit: http://www.focusondemand.nl/programma


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