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ASL® BiSL® Foundation: Royal Honour for Remko van der Pols

2 November 2012 - Mayor Bolsius of Amersfoort issued on 1 November 2012 a Royal Honour, ‘Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau’, to Remko van der Pols. He received the recognition for his outstanding contribution in the field of IT and information services.

Mr van der Pols ImageMr. van der Pols (49) is founder, director and principal consultant of the consultancy company 'The Lifecycle Company' since 2008. He is designer and founder of the process model for application management ASL (Application Services Library) (1998-present), the process model for business information management BiSL (2003-present) and a method for information planning.

In the Netherlands, ASL has become the standard for application management, with a growing reputation abroad. With the development of BiSL Mr. van der Pols contributed to the success of many users and organizations. ASL and BiSL are now part of the curriculum of various courses at Colleges and Universities. His work led to the establishment of the ASL BiSL Foundation in 2002. Numerous publications and books of his hand are translated into English, and some also into German and Italian.

This year he started writing down his views on the implementation of business information management in various situations.

Other merits include:

  • Chief Architect of the Architectural Board for the ASL and BiSL frameworks
  • Member of the board of the ICT library of publisher SDU
  • Member of the jury of the Dutch Championship ICT architecture
  • Teacher of various postgraduate and MBA courses including TU Delft, Avans University and the Universities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen.


About the ASL BiSL Foundation

The ASL BiSL Foundation was founded in 2002 and is the owner of ASL® and BiSL®. The ASL BiSL Foundation is also a meeting place for professionals with a common interest in application management and business information management. The Foundation encourages the improvement of working methods and the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices in these domains of IT management.

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