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Recent news:

APMG appointed Global Certification partner for new scheme, The Professional Services Professional™ Date: June 30, 2015
APMG has been awarded the global certification rights to the new certification scheme, The PS Professional.

Aspire Learning Ltd recognized by ACMP for Change Management Date: June 26, 2015
APMG's Change Management Foundation and Practitioner courses now recognized by ACMP

Proactive cyber security necessary against high stakes, high intensity cyber threats, warns APM Group Date: May 12, 2015
Intel Security president Chris Young has called out the cyber security sector

Cyber Insurance no Substitute for Cyber Security, Warns APMG Date: April 17, 2015
Cyber insurance must go hand in hand with risk mitigation strategies to be effective.

APMG's Nick Houlton a Founding Member of the New Lean IT Association Date: March 09, 2015
The newly formed Lean IT Association (LITA) announces its debut Lean IT Certification Scheme.

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  • Problem Analyst
  • Earned Value Management
  • AgilePM
  • Change Management