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On-line Exam Options

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Please note, independent-study candidates can only take paper-based exams at our public centres in the UK and abroad. Online exams can only be purchased from Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).

Classroom-based on-line exams

Most of our certifications are available to take on-line via a PC, laptop or tablet. Many of our Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) offer this option as part of a classroom-based training course. Rather than writing your exam answers on paper, you can instead take advantage of our web-based exams system on your own computer or one provided in the exam room by the ATO.

Our web-based exams have several advantages. Many people prefer to use a mouse rather than a pencil to fill in an answer sheet, and you will be provided with a preliminary exam result as soon as you finish your exam, as well as instant feedback on each topic area. Web-based exams are also more eco-friendly as no printed papers are needed.

On-line exams at home or in the office

Remote Proctor Now

Photo of man sitting at laptopWant to take your exam and gain APMG certification from the comfort of your own home or office? Now you can, using our Remote Proctor Now solution.

Remote Proctor Now, developed by Software Secure, provides maximum freedom with the minimum of hassle. As long as you have a computer with a webcam and a high-speed internet connection, you can take your exam online at a time and date to suit you.

This option is suitable for anyone who is undertaking self-study through distance/blended learning with an ATO, where taking the exam in a classroom or testing centre is not convenient.

Exam security is provided through sophisticated software that monitors the exam environment through your computer's webcam and microphone, along with screen-capture and candidate identification processes.

This option is available for all our Foundation-level examinations as well as for ITIL Intermediate exams. Ask your Accredited Training Organization for details.

Pearson Vue Testing Centres

For distance-learners taking a course via a training provider who may not wish to travel a long distance to take the final exam, we offer locally-based exams through the Pearson Vue network of over 400 testing centres worldwide.

We currently offer all Foundation and Intermediate-level exams via Pearson centres, which can be booked through your training provider.

By taking advantage of the extensive Pearson Vue testing centre network, you avoid the need to take classroom-based courses or travel long distances in order to take an exam. This is particularly beneficial in parts of the world where few training providers have a presence, but there is still a demand for our certifications.

Once at the testing centre, the exam is taken on-line using a computer. A preliminary result is given as soon as the exam ends.

If you would like to take an exam at a Pearson Vue testing centre, please speak to your Accredited Training Organization about whether they offer this option.

Take your APMG exam at home!

There’s no need to go to an exam center to take your APMG exam.

This short film explains how you can take your exam at home using our innovative Remote Proctor Now solution.

*This is for information only. Candidates will be given full guidance on how to take an exam remotely when they register.