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The Importance of Accreditation

In a survey* by Arras People, 96% of respondents thought that external accreditation of trainers was important or very important.

Ten in Ten Survey, Arras People, Nov 2012.

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The Benefits of Training Accreditation

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APMG-International is renowned for accrediting training organizations to deliver courses and exams associated with our qualification schemes. APMG does not provide training directly but assesses training organizations, their trainers and course material to ensure their services are being delivered to a high standard.

Why APMG Training Accreditation?

APMG is accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) - the UK's only National Accreditation Body - for several of its products and Change Management certifications. Influenced by UKAS' rigorous assessment processes - APMG is committed to ensuring its Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) receive the maximum benefits from its training accreditation services.

In addition to having been approved to deliver APMG's extensive portfolio of qualification schemes - ATOs that display the APMG-Accredited badge will be recognized for optimal quality training and adhering to industry best practice.

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What Benefits will APMG Accreditation Bring My Training Organization?

Receiving APMG's training accreditation services provides a plethora of benefits. As an ATO you can be confident that your organization is operating at a high level. APMG training accreditation is comprehensive - assessing key areas of an organization's operations including training services, trainers, course materials and quality management systems.

Training accreditation is a way of being officially recognized for competency and best practice. Clients will see the APMG-accredited badge and feel confident that they're in expert hands.

Wherever you are based in the world, regardless of whether your business is large or small - you can be assured of globally consistent standards.

As one of our esteemed ATOs you will have access to our range of value-adding services, including:

  • A comprehensive portfolio of over 40 certification schemes for knowledge-based workers
  • A streamlined supply chain for delivering examinations globally
  • Exams in 21 languages
  • Web-based exams and our secure Remote Proctor system
  • Online exam booking and instant provisional exam results using our Self Scan technology
  • Discounted rates on orders of core guidance texts for training courses
  • Invitations to networking events, in-country industry showcases, and complementary 'train the trainer' days
  • Marketing support including market data insights, co-branded brochures, webinars and access to our digital marketing channels which can help you grow and support your business

Is Getting Accredited Essential?

Only accredited training providers or their affiliates can provide courses and exams in APMG-International's qualification schemes. Un-accredited training providers cannot grant certification and may be in breach of copyright law.

Furthermore, without having been accredited there's little way in which people can identify whether your organization's services are delivered to a high standard.

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