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Consulting Accreditation

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Image of man presenting with flipchartWhy become accredited?

APMG-International is committed to quality, which is reflected in the high standards we set both for ourselves and our accredited organizations. By becoming an Accredited Consulting Organization (ACO) your business will be demonstrating the expertise of its highly trained consultants.

Working as a team, you will be offered as much guidance as you need to make sure the accreditation process is straightforward as we endeavor to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

As well as affording you wider market recognition, there are numerous advantages to becoming an ACO. You will:

  • Have access to the appropriate Best Management Practice logos and trademarks
  • Be licensed to use APMG exclusive products and services
  • Be given opportunities to share insights and expertise with fellow ACOs
  • Have access to pre-release material as methods are developed and enhanced
  • Get discounted rates on Best Management Practice publications.

Registered Consultants

ACOs employ at least one Registered Consultant. Your Registered Consultants (RCs) will be supported by leading global research and tools such as e-change and  the APMG Maturity Index, allowing consultants to provide proven, cost effective recommendations. You will also have access to our global marketing network and local marketing promoting the quality of the brands and services.

RCs are accredited in one or more of the following specialisations:

  • APMG Portfolio, Programme and Project Registered Consultant ™
  • APMG IT Governance and Service Management Registered Consultant ™
  • APMG Organizational Change Management Registered Consultant ™

An APMG Registered Consultant can be accredited in one or more areas of specialism with each area having specific standards that must comply with UKAS accreditation requirements. An APMG Portfolio, Programme and Project Registered Consultant™ can also be accredited as an APMG P3M3® assessor after the completion of a detailed briefing. APMG provide new RCs with a detailed briefing on the use of the P3M3® APMG Assessment Tool (for APMG accredited consultants) and the APMG Maturity Index™.

RC Competencies

Registered Consultants are required to demonstrate their competence in the following areas:

  • Influencing Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Assignment Lifecycle
  • Client Issues
  • Client Management
  • Skill and Knowledge Transfer
  • Market and Professional Network
  • Development of Others
  • Assignment Management
  • Solutions, Tools and Methodologies
  • Risk Management
  • Personal Growth
  • Professionalism and Ethics.

For more details about the benefits of accreditation and the process involved, please contact us.